Three Men in a Boat Summary | NCERT Class 9 English

Three Men in a Boat Summary, Author is Jerome K. Jerome. St Mary’s Church, Ewelme, Oxfordshire. Jerome Klapka Jerome (2 May 1859 – 14 June 1927) was an English writer and humourist, best known for the comic travelogue Three Men in a Boat (1889).

Three Men in a Boat Summary

“Three Men in a Boat Summary” starts with three companions named Jerome, George, and Harris smoking together in their apartment in London. They are all hypochondriacs and always talk about their diseases. After doing some research on various diseases at the British Museum, J. in one way or another reasoned that he has all the diseases known to man with the exception of housemaid’s knee.

The companions at that point make a plan of taking a vacation together as it would be useful for their health. After some contemplation, they choose to go through seven days rowing up the Thames with their canine, Montmorency.

Three Men in a Boat Summary
Three Men in a Boat Summary | NCERT Class 9 English

The men at that point make the necessary arrangements for the outing and decide to bring a spread for the boat and rest in it, instead of carrying a tent or living at an inn. They make an extensive rundown of things however then realize that they ideally need to just carry the essentials.

Three Men in a Boat SummaryAlthough they are companions, J. doesn’t really like Harris and compares him finally to J’s. incompetent Uncle Podger. They finally choose to bring a hamper of nourishment, clothing, a methylated soul stove for cooking and a spread for the boat.

The companions rest excessively long at the end of the day jump on a train to Kingston, from which they will start their excursion, on the principal morning of the outing. J. mentions some local landmarks, including Hampton Court and a few bars that Queen Elizabeth dined in. Harris narrates an incident about getting lost in the support maze at Hampton Court.

The men at that point experience their first lock, which is a canal set off from the waterway that allows boats to pass through a lofty area. J. immediately talks about how irritating it is when women wear ‘boating garments’ that are too feeble to even think about getting wet.

George at that point moves away from his gathering to do some work for his boss in Shepperton. Harris at that point gives the idea of visiting a burial ground to see an interesting gravestone, yet J. rejects his plan. Harris at that point falls into the nourishment hamper while trying to find a jug of bourbon.

At the point when J. and Harris have a mid-day break on the riverbank, a man lands up blackmailing them and accuses them of trespassing the area. Harris, who has a tall and immense frame, physically intimidates the guest and they carry on their excursion. J. talks about some increasingly local points of interest, and the two men join George in Shepperton.

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Harris and J. persuade George that they should tow the boat from the shore, which can be a troublesome task leading to issues if the pinnacle gets distracted. The men at that point have an enjoyable dinner and rest in the boat around the evening time.

The following morning, they find a good pace George narrates a tale about forgetting to wind his watch and starting his workday six hours early to J., who at that point falls in the water and Harris attempts to make scrambled eggs, however, is ineffective.

The men pass Datchet and recall when they were trying to find a place to rest there on another outing when the inns were full. They all rest at an inn in Marlow on that night. Montmorency pursues a major cat however gets very scared to attack it. The following day, they cross all the more interesting historical landmarks including Bisham Abbey.

Their drinking water gets over and they get appalled when a local lock-attendant asks them to drink from the waterway. Harris loses his balance and falls off the edge of a gorge while eating dinner. The following evening, they make delightful Irish stew and George joyfully plays the banjo. In any case, he is only an amateur and his music is awful to such an extent that Harris and J. demand him to never play banjo for the remainder of the outing.

George and J. go out to have two or three drinks in the town of Henley the same night, however, get lost on their way back. They by one way or another manage to find Harris sleeping in the boat, who at that point explains to them that he had to move the boat as he was attacked by a herd of aggressive swans.

The companions pass through Reading and as they approach Goring, they see a woman’s body floating in the water. They later find out that the lady had suffocated herself after having a kid before marriage and was unable to help it.

The men attempt to wash their garments in the Thames, yet the garments become dirtier and their exertion goes in vain. That night, they again go out for drinks at a bar in Wallingford.

They later advance toward Oxford, where they would turn around and approach London. J. talks about an incident where he and George had gone for rowing and ruined a professional photographer’s photos by falling over at the same moment. J. proceeds to portray the attractions of Dorchester, Abingdon, and Clifton, which include Roman ruins and the grave of a man who had 197 youngsters.

They at that point steer through a dubious stretch of the waterway near Oxford and go through two days there. J. upsets the story and warns the readers that it’s anything but a smart thought to lease a boat in Oxford as they are of low quality.

Three Men in a Boat Summary

While in transit back from Oxford, it starts raining and the men land up being cool, wet, and pathetic. They before long settle abandoning the boat and spend the remainder of the excursion at an inn. That night, they indulge in a heavenly dinner and feel happy about their choice to abandon the boat when things got extreme. Montmorency barks in agreement in the end.


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